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GPS receivers are highly useful on outdoor situations. They can provide information on your current location, provide directions and feedback on your progress and performance to your destination. If you like to hike, is important to have a GPS for hiking, and there come two key criteria to consider. A hiker will want a unit that’s good for navigation and without reception problems.

Why should I use a GPS Tracker for hiking?

Handheld GPS Trackers offers some security and surveillance advantages:

• Durability: Handheld GPS units are built for backcountry use. Water and Weatherproof.

Battery Life: Most use readily available AA batteries and have the option of using rechargeable or Lithium batteries for longer life. You can have more than one spares if your device runs out of battery. With smartphones, you can’t use it for long periods of time, because their battery last less and you are limited to a wall or car charger.

• Real-time monitoring: You can see always your exact location on real-time, to work, your GPS Device just needs is a view of the sky.

• Features: There are many features you can have on your GPS; you can set alarms, safe and forbidden zones, panic buttons and many others.

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