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It is called spying practice and set of techniques associated with covert data collection or confidential information. Our personal privacy has become more questionable than ever before. The question we should ask is, if we are going to sit quietly and let happen to us or get up and get into the game of espionage.

Today you can get a variety of shops dedicated to this sector, in these stores you can find articles and products espionage and security for both the general public as a professional, either branch security and private investigation. You can also find accessories spies, security cameras, Watches with Hidden Cameras, spy recorders, mobile recorders, hidden cameras, listening devices conversations, mini spy cameras, all this because the world has become a place more intrusive.

Some stores specialize in security and surveillance, carry out projects and installation of security cameras and other professionals simply engaged in sales of items for espionage.

Our spy’s shops around Miami play a leading role trying to bring a variety of products, from cameras and spy products for video surveillance tasks, listening or tracking hidden, to detectors. spyworldmiami ... We also offer a discreet and personalized advice in our shops, which have a wide range of products. It is staffed by a team of professionals to help you choose the type of product that best suits on what you want, always in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. We can also help with some of the most common problems when it comes to spying: like, marital infidelity, information leakage, and labor infidelity, misuse of telephones and computers, internal theft, lost productivity, money and more. Here at our website you will find a review of all our products:

• Detect and locate hidden cameras, spy microphones, cell phones and any other invasive device that operates with radio frequency (up to 6Ghz).

• 4 alert modes: audible beep, luminous LED, quiet vibration, headphones.

• Optional Rechargeable Battery. It lasts up top 3 days.

• The vibration mode is perfect for the stealth, you can have it on your pocket in a reunion.

• Monitor the exact location of anything on Real Time.
• Set up a safe zone for relatives, vehicles or pets.
Satellite Tracking through any device with internet connection.
• You can be noticed by SMS or E-mail.
• Choose between many types of trackers.
• Find GPS for Hiking, Elderly, Dementia and many others.
• Give us a call and we will help you.

• You can choose between Hidden or Visible cameras.
• You can have wire or Wireless Security Cameras.
• Perfect for surveillance and security.
• You can choose many features for your camera.
• Protect and monitor your shop, Home and Business.
• There are many types of cameras depending on your needs.
How to Install a Camera? Call us for a free advice.
Spy Equipment

• Find the best products made especially for your needs.

• Here at Spy World Miami you’ll find hats, uniforms and all the spy equipment you want.

• Contact our experts for free advice at 305-542-4600

From our website you can keep update of the latest products we offer. You can also buy directly without leaving your home and receive a simple and fast purchase, with the same personalized service which enjoys in our shops, or you might prefer to call and learn otherwise before making your best decision, you can call us at 305-542-4600. From anywhere in Miami, we'll be there for you in Spy World Miami.
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