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Rechargeable Battery Information


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Rechargeable Battery Information

Having a Rechargeable battery camera give you freedom to place a Hidden Camera virtually anywhere, perfect for surveillance and good performance. You have to know that the battery life will depend on the Quality of the Camera, you can have a battery powered that can last from a few hours to over a month.
  Rechargeable Battery Information  
Rechargeable Battery Information

Battery is measure by volts and mah (milliampere hour), the more mah the battery has, the longer your camera will last without charging, but the more mah means a bigger camera because it would be a bigger battery. Depending on your needs, you can find cameras with different Types of Energy Source.

If you want to get some extra knowledge about which type of camera and energy source suits you the best, give us a call at 305-542-4600 and one of our experts will attend you immediately, or visit us, the best Spy Shop in Miami.
Rechargeable Battery Information

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