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Radio Frequency (RF) - RF Detector


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The Radio Frequency (RF) is an electromagnetic wave used for communications or radar signals measured in Hertz (Hz). This wave works in a particular frequency or frequency range, for this you need to have an antenna to receive those radio signals.

Radio Frequency refers to alternating current (AC) having characteristics such that, if the current flows to an antenna, an electromagnetic (EM) field is generated suitable for wireless broadcasting and/or communications. These frequencies cover a significant portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum, extending from nine kilohertz (9 kHz), the lowest allocated wireless communications frequency (it's within the range of human hearing), to thousands of gigahertz(GHz).
Radio Frequency signals are received by an antenna which makes an electromagnetic field in a specific area. This electromagnetic field is sometimes called RF field; in less technical jargon it is a "radiowave". The electromagnetic field has many uses, one of them are the radio frequency detectors that are devices that can scan entire rooms just pressing a button and waiting some seconds to explore, detect and locate hidden devices.

RF Detector use the Radio Frequency to locate hidden devices that may be monitoring a specific area, recording in video or audio looking for private information. Are you worried about being recorded without your knowledge? Do you think there are hidden microphones at your home or business? Here at Spy World Miami we have the best solution for your inquiries with our service of Microphone Detection.

We make extensive inspections and searches to detect, locate and remove spy devices with our first class service. We also have detection devices for cameras, because many times spy networks use cameras to film all the activity in a place.

There are many different types of Radio Frequency Detectors, also for GPS Trackers, Audio Detectors, and many more, it depends on your needs. But here at Spy World Miami you will find the best devices made especially for your needs.

Do you want to learn what the RF technology is? Here at Spy World Miami you can get all the information, one of our experts can give you all the knowledge you want. The best equipment is available only on Spy World Miami. Call us at 305-542-4600. Don’t forget to visit us, the best Spy Shop in Miami.

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