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How to Track Cell Phones

Maybe sometime you have lost your phone or you had been stolen and you're left with the uncertainty of where it’s been or if you had any chance to recover. In these cases you can use some methods to track your phone, but you can also use this to tracking to know your current location when you're traveling and you can even track down a family member or loved one through mobile anywhere in Andover City.

Modern phones, smartphones, feature location technology and integrated location, either through triangulation (using the signal strength between the various towers or cell transmission operator) or using the GPS radio localization satellite. The only thing needed is to install on the phones of your children or your company in an application that consistently send the location information to a server that you can enter to check this. Simple like that, all this we can offer you at any of our Spy Shops around Miami.

Cell phones are becoming more important part of our lives. Before, we used only to make phone calls. Then come texting and some games. Gradually, functions such as cameras, GPS, color screens, ability to browse on internet, and install applications were appearing. An example of how cell phones have been replace other technologies are many; people almost do not buy digital cameras any more, and even already now, people hardly use their computers because they do everything in their cell phones.

The tracking task can do it through a chip with global positioning satellite or better known as GPS, which has already been included in many of the latest mobile and in some older devices you have to install. Otherwise, there are several services available to track the terminal, you can find in Spy World Miami, although there are phone companies that offer GPS location within the same organization.

As a first step to trace a mobile phone, you should make sure that the device has the GPS Chip. If you have a phone a few years old, you can check with the manufacturer if you can add a GPS chip. If you need to install the GPS chip, you can find it in the Spy's Stores of your choice in Biscayne Gardens or in our website, Spy World Miamiwhere you will also find the information for your installation.

Then, you can check with the company that provides telephone services on the device, figuring out whether the network has GPS capability. While most cell phones have these services. You should always perform such requires because there are still companies that can not deliver the GPS services. That is why we are your best choice in any of our specialized Spy Shops for it.

Then you can get a service you provide GPS location, as we offer it at any of our stores in Miami Beach, and others who frequently work with most phone companies. It is also important to mention that other independent services are also available at our website Spy World Miami. Note that these tasks can generate some charges, simply track your mobile GPS and enjoy the best prices in the market.

There you will find the best place Spy World Miami GPS Tracking Services that you looking for. Usually, since the beginning appears the instructions to follow to subscribe and download the software for both your computer to the mobile you want to control. To use the necessary software on the phone, you can use the cable connection between your phone and computer.

Now only to give the device to the user, which can be one of your children’s, parents, siblings and more. Also, logging in from your computer with internet access, you can check data such as location coordinates in Google Maps, speed connection and even altitude. In addition, in some of our Spy Stores we offer you a sending text messages to your phone when the phone get out of previously defined zones.


It is automatically know as the geographical location where we are. A feature that is gaining increasing importance, since in 2009 the term was coined, used mainly in the mobile world and the development of mobile applications.

It is for this importance increasing that more and more smartphones, not only next-gen, include a GPS to determine our location on the map. It is precisely the field of mobile application development which knows to see the wide variety of possibilities offered by the geolocation. In fact, there are many ways that you can help this functionality from your mobile device.

For example, using the location data of your device, find nearby shops, cafes, cinemas, hardware stores, etc., or something as simple as setting the time zone in which you are just getting to know your location by GPS, information obtained from various satellites orbiting the Earth.

Although you can also receive information via wi-fi and bluetooth as GPS addition, the final location is a combination of the data obtained with these tools. That's why the location may not always be accurate, but it will be an approximate location.

Advantages of Geolocation

• The powerful social factor is one of the biggest advantages. The user can share your location on social networks.

• Similarly can be a marketing strategy. The inclusion of geolocation in mobile application development has allowed certain apps increase their use and earn users.

• Functionality is certainly a great tool, especially since well-known as mobile applications, like Google Maps.

• The most obvious advantage of geolocation is absolute improving efficiency in any service. If we look for a particular service in Spy World Miami, either from the mobile or from your computer, it is easier to help us if you know our position. We then give data for local nearby and avoid other too far. The same thing happen if we look a certain street with any of our GPS Trackers for phone numbers: if the map service knows where we are, we may state the fastest way to get there.

• This advantage in efficiency of searches we have additional information, especially when we are tourist. The tourist is often in need of practical information and entertainment. We add information on the map, because they don’t know the main streets, geolocation can greatly improve your user experience. In this sense, our smartphone can be a real practical, interactive and real-time report of activities we guide, museums, entertainment, etc., as we move anywhere.

• In cases such as the GPS Tracker Service for phone number and internet proximity, based on data that emit our sensors, geolocation support to offer practical advice. An example: the service detects that go to the airport every Thursday between four and six; therefore, you can send traffic data in real time before we ask.

• We can also consider an advantage if an online trade that usually visit, this may know what type of places we go, you can analyze our tastes and give us advice on what product we may want more. We saved well low interest advertising.

Disadvantages of Geolocation

• But this efficiency is provided by the geolocation that is disturbing. What happens when we do not want a better advertising, just because we do not want our data to be used for profiling or marketing studies? Or when a service we do not want to know from where we activate it because it is a social network that indicated our position publicly.

• They can be many reasons for what we do not want everyone to know where we are at all times, and services like those you find in our Spy Stores in Biscayne Park... and many others indicate each time got a photograph, published a commentary, if we have enabled geolocation. We ensure your privacy.

• On the other hand, how do we know that at a time of maximum pressure, the service will not transfer the data of our movements to go public?.

• We must be aware that when we use GPS Mapping applications like browsers or activate applications to go to the mountain or other places, these may collect these positions and saved. The same applies to apps for sports. At first, is logic, but we can make use of them in future occasions, but nobody assures us that do not end up transformed into advertising profiling studies; and who knows if in the future, in the hands of intelligence services, whether domestic or foreign.

How is it possible to locate a cell phone?

For years, various institutions of the world, especially you related to the security forces, they have used geolocation cell phone with emergency calls, in order to locate the telephone equipment and therefore the person that is in trouble.

Most mobile phones incorporate high midrange applications that go beyond conventional use today. For example, a terminal with integrated GPS can help you know where you are and guide even to the place you have to go. It is very useful and can get you out of more than a trouble.

Today we bring the phone with us wherever we go, like it is essential to carry out our daily activities and to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues. Losing is a huge inconvenience, so has emerged the need for backup methods that allow us to recover and we offer the peaceful time in any of our Spy Shops around Blue Lagoon.

Who serves the localization and monitoring cell?


These applications can be useful for parents who want to give their children a cell phone for the first time but who also want to keep them safe. Today there are plenty of channels and applications through which children and young people can access to inappropriate content or contact with strangers, which is an inescapable risk of technological era.

Some scenarios is what can be used are:

• When a young user forget the phone in school, at a friend's house or other place that have visited during the day. However it is important to consider that if the device was stolen or appears in a location where the owner was never present, you must report it and not try to retrieve it.

• When young user attends a new place or is without supervision of their parents or guardians. In this case, parents determine the area within which the user with the device is safe. If you leave the area, an alert will be issued automatically and the GPS Tracker will find it.

• When the user has a preferred route or following a specific routine without supervision of parents or guardians, as in the case of transfer to school. It is possible to trace the path, the moment and make sure that the user has reached its destination or monitor if they stray from the path.


Currently, processes and work patterns have changed completely. Companies require their employees are communicated 24/7 and they have the latest tools at any time and place, from the device they use.

However, all these advantages of mobility and accessibility carry a constant risk because in them confidential business information and customers is handled. Given this increasing need to monitor the activities of employees on their GPS Devices they have become a practical and accessible to track and locate a solution.

Here are some scenarios in which applications can be useful to companies:

• When the employee forgets the device at home or some other location that visited during the day.

• When employees need to use personal devices or granted by the company to communicate with each other or with people outside the company to fulfill their functions.

• When employees use their devices to share information, documents, pictures or other material property of the company or of a confidential nature.

• To monitor browsing activities (visited pages or markers), messaging and social networking use.

• For the default remote locking or content or applications use only devices work.

• To block unwanted device remotely if lost or stolen access.

How to track a cell phone with Google Maps

Location Based Services seek to offer a personalized service to users based in most situations geographical location information of these. These services are able to deliver geographic information and geoprocessing mobile users based on their current location. For your operation use technology GIS, like GPS positioning technology.

Recently it has set up a tool that every user of mobile and tablets must know. Although the features offered and we could obtain after installing an application, it is interesting that now we can use them even if we have not been careful to install any additional application.

Cell phones have the ability to run the Google Maps application, can transmit its location and are tracked. This is a feature that our Spy Shops will offer to our customers for more quality and requires that both, you and the other person, accept the tracing. You can not track cell phone without the owner's permission. In Spy World Miami we help you to mark your location and your friends on Google Maps. If the phone does not have the ability to use global positioning satellites, our Spy's Stores can still track the general location by using cell phone towers.


• Go to Spy World Miami to learn about this breakthrough we offer you. Once you have your application in your phone number, or GPS Tracker.

• Click Add friends on the left side. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the dialog box, select All Contacts. Scroll down the list until you find the contact information of the person you want to track through your phone. If there is a blue icon next to the name, that person is already using our GPS Tracker. Click to add the link to your friend. The monitoring will not start until the person accepts your request.

• Click the Friends tab in the application and see a Google map on the right. To the left of the map is a list of friends and your latitude. Click the name of your friend in the list and your phone will appear on the map of Google. You can also see how much time has passed since the location has been updated.

Tips & Warnings

• Click on the History tab of the application to see where you've traveled and how far you have come. Google Maps shows you the number of miles in connection with a trip to the moon, to name something as an example.

• Download the application for your cell phone going to Spy World Miami from the browser on your cell phone. If your phone is compatible with the application, you will receive instructions to download the application on the device.

How to Locate a Cell Phone Number

If you constantly receive calls from a strange phone numbers, you might want to know the exact location of the caller. On the other hand, you might want to perform a cell phone trace, also to your children or grandparents, to ensure their safety. There is free tracking software for cell phones that allow you to track the location of a particular cell phone. No matter what your reason, this can give you some peace of mind.


• Download the searching software. Some examples can find in Spy World Miami and need to register your cell phone. Save the file to your desktop.

• Double-click on the file. Follow the wizard instructions to install the software. Keep it in a newly created folder on the hard drive of your computer.

• Restart your computer. This allows your computer to recognize and properly run the newly installed software.

• Double-click on the software icon. Give a click on the Scan icon. Enter the phone number that you want to track.

• Awaits the results of the load. The software must provide information about the town or city and state in which is the mobile phone number you are looking for.

Never Lose Sight of What Matters the Most to You

It is a fact that the information contained in cell phones, tablets and computers have a great personal and professional value. Invest in your peace of mind with a reliable and discreet solution that allows you to locate a cell by GPS and monitor what you need to keep your family or your business safe.

If by any chance you get doubt, you can reach us through our phone number 305.542.4600 or maybe you prefer to go on line on our website Spy World Miami, we’re here for you.

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