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Pet GPS Tracker


96 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Florida 33134
USA Eastern Time hours 10 am to 7 pm Monday thru Saturday

  Pet GPS Tracker is a small device designed specifically for your pet; the device functionality of any GPS Tracker are specifically designed for your pet. This device tracker is comfortable, effective and safe for your pet. This device will keep you informed at all times of the status and position of your pet, if you leave your house and you cannot watch your pet, with this device you can check from your phone or device connected to the internet the position of your pet, another important feature is that you can set limits and restricted zones for your pet, if for any reason your pet transcends the limits of these areas you will receive an alert in real-time on your device and you could know the exact location of your pet.

Pet GPS Tracker brings several features made for the safety of your pet and always to be under surveillance, the features are:

• Monitoring 24 hours a day.
• Establish safe areas.
• The tracking of a domestic animal from any device with internet access.
• Find their animals is ease if they escape.
• Show detailed information about GPS maps from your smart phone.

If the safety of your pet is the more important for you, remember here at Spy World Miami you will get the Collar GPS Tracker, this product is indicated at the time of the security and monitoring of your pet, works exactly like any Pet GPS Tracker but its appearance is like of a necklace, so your pet will not feel any discomfort and is may camouflage of any shape, this article has certain characteristics which are:

  GPS of satellite monitoring of 24 hours a day.

• Find your pets immediately if they are lost or kidnapped.

• Establish prohibited areas.

• Establish safe areas.

• Monitoring in real time.

• Track your pet from any device with Internet access.

• SMS and email alerts.

• Show all information with a GPS Map from your smart phone.


Pet GPS Tracker


The GPS Collar combines in the best way the GPS and tracker technology for pets, these necklaces are comfortable and healthy devices for your pet.

Remember, here at Spy World Miami we care about the safety of your pet and any animal when you consider to purchase any device tracker for your pet or other animal. In the best Spy Store of all Miami, you will find a diversity of Spy Equipment, calls to the 305-542-4600 and ask for our service installation of GPS Trackers, this service and more you'll get in Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Springs and all of Miami, only call and our experts will respond to all your doubts.

Do not hesitate more and come to Spy World Miami, the leader in GPS technology for your pets.

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