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There’s moments when you’re searching for a camera, and sometimes you don’t know anything about it or have some doubt of what you need to know to have a great camera, well in this occasion we’re going to show you which are the turning point to define a good selection about a camera and find the right quality on it, also if you need some personal advice you can find us on every corner around Miami Beach in any of our Spy Stores, let’s see:

What determines the quality of the photos from a camera?

The quality of a camera initially depends on megapixels. The way in which users set the resolution, compression and determine further exposure image quality. These factors can make a dramatic, positive or negative impact on the overall quality of the pictures. Although cameras equipped with useful automatic options make taking pictures easier, these default settings can cause the quality get low.


A camera with many megapixels does not automatically guarantee that images will have high quality. Many manufacturers set the resolution, or number of pixels actively used, at an average configuration at they pull together the product. If you had never set the camera resolution, it is possible that the quality of the images will be below the capabilities of the camera. Set the resolution of your camera as "High" as possible for optimum quality. You can always reduce the resolution of an image using a photo editing program and create smaller files suitable to send it on email.


When choosing a camera, select a unit with high megapixel resolution usually it means that the image quality will be better. A megapixel is one million pixels, which is the unit of measure of the sensor to capture the light. A camera that uses 10 megapixels, or 10 million pixels, to compose an image will create a more detailed than a camera with 6 megapixel resolution.

Compression Level

By adjusting the settings of the quality image from your camera, check levels of compression. Most cameras record images in JPEG format, a type of file to be compressed or reduced before being saved in the memory card. Although compression makes it possible to store many images in memory, it also reduces the quality of your images. Choose a "high" compression setting to retain the high quality of the images and use less on your memory card. To save more photos on the memory card and reduce the quality of your pictures, compression set to "low" settings.


Learning how to properly use the exposure settings of your camera, such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings or sensitivity to light, will produce images of the highest quality. For example, if you usually sub expose your images and try to illuminate it with a photo editor, your images will have a fuzzy appearance. Improves the quality of these photos increasing the aperture of the camera, choosing a lower shutter speed or select a higher ISO. Function uses the camera histograms for a visual and graphical representation of your exposure.

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