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Tracking Devices


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  Tracking devices are units used for security and surveillance that employ the system of Global Positioning (GPS) to show the exact position of moving people, animals, vehicles or any assets in real time. The GPS is a "Constellation" of satellites orbiting Earth that signals and transmit to receivers on the ground to determine their geographic position. The information may be transmitted to devices with internet access, such as mobile phones, computers, radios or modems. This allows you to control the information almost anywhere. There are different types of tracking devices and each of them has different characteristics which we will explain below:

Tracking Devices for People:

With the GPS technology, these devices is the best way to protect your family, employees, and any other person. Keep you relatives, employees or anyone secure with this Small Tracking Devices, comfortable and effective for security and surveillance. A tracking device that provides the exact location of their relatives, the information can be transmitted to any device with internet connection as computers, mobile phones, radios or satellite modems unit. This tracking device comes with special characteristics which are:

Tracking system 24 hours a day.
Panic Button.
• Prohibited Assembly and security zones.
• Travel history.
• Use your smartphone to show the location.

Tracking Device for Car:

With these devices you can keep your car secure in any place you are, with different characteristics this device is the option more viable when you want to protect your car and your family. A car with a constant tracking device ensure your security wherever you go, you will receive alerts and reports in real time, this device has fully designed for cars and some of its features are:


GPS for Vehicle tracking 24 hours a day.
• Position and speed alert.
• Travel history.
• Secure fit and restricted areas.
• View your vehicles information from any device.

Pet Tracking Devices:

These are small devices of satellite that can be placed in the neck of your dog, cat, any domestic animal or other animal, which serves to know your exact location at all times. This tracking device is safe, comfortable, and effective for pets. GPS Collars are essential for security and monitoring your pet; that offers many functions, for example:

Tracking Devices


• Monitoring 24 hours a day.
• Establish safe areas.
• The tracking of a domestic animal from any device with internet access.
• Find their animals is easier if they escape.
• Show detailed information about GPS Maps from your smartphone.

These are some of the tracking devices more famous that we have here at Spy World Miami, but they are not the only ones we have, there is a wide variety of items for your needs. Only call to the number 305-542-4600 and our experts will respond to your questions as well as receiving free advice.

If you call to Spy World Miami do not forget to ask about our different services, one is the installation of security cameras, if you have bought a new camera but don't know how to install it or see its potential, please call us and you will find these services in Buena Vista, Bunche Park, Calusa Club Dr and all Miami, we are the best Spy Store in the entire area of Miami, don't wait any more and visit us, your safety is our priority.

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