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The safety of you or your employees, must be a constant concern. For those cases where you want to continually keep update of the location of your loved ones and your employees, there is a Personal GPS system, especially designed for children, senior citizens, people with diseases such as Alzheimer's, disabled, students, men and women in general.

No doubt it is harder to keep an eye on children today than a few years ago. With T.V, the increasingly sophisticated toys and distractions that can be found everywhere which can be more enthral by a child. Or sometimes children can impulsively run away, like no reason and that’s when you realize that, there’s nothing scarier than losing a child.

For this reason, in this article we will tell you about an innovative tool for location: Personal GPS

What is Personal GPS Tracker?

Personal GPS is a satellite system based on Global Positioning System trackers, through can be make monitoring and control of geographical coordinates and history of travel of people of your interested, either for personal or business reasons.

How does Personal GPS Tracker works?

The GPS device for people not requires installation. Personal track can carry comfortably on your belt, pocket or purse. Once active, it interacts with orbiting satellites that record its location, routes and more digitized maps; data which may search on internet when it used along with our web based on our Spy World Miami software.

What functionality offers Personal GPS Tracker?

With the Personal GPS you can:

• You can track business people, elderly, children, people with a disease such as Alzheimer's, infidelities or animals in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• History made trips and routes taken.

• The GPS locators offer several search services, which you can use as the case that suits you.

• Alerts. Notifications like SMS or email when people stay away from the geographical limits you have defined, or otherwise entering a prohibited area.

Advantages Personal GPS Tracker

By having Personal GPS system, you will have a tool that will allow you to:

• Have extra protection for your loved ones, allowing you to quickly locate them from a cell phone or a computer with internet access.

• Monitor your employees to do their job, and increase productivity.

• Also to control the track of young children, elderly people with degeneration of the central nervous system, prisoners or husbands to be met sentences estrangement from their families etc.


Based on statistics FBI missing persons, there has always been a high rate of missing persons… Like, 49.7% were under 18 years. With the increased uncertainty of modern society, GPS locators can help parents address security issues and create a little more security around them, something that may well offer in any of our stores in Adams Key.


When choosing a Personal GPS tracker, it is important to consider the transmission range, ease to use, and whether they can be sent false transmissions. Since 2005 it began requiring that cell phones have GPS capability, so you get a new one and remind your loved ones call 911 if there is an emergency.

Consider what features you do not want to give up and also compared for cost and resistance. Make sure the Personal GPS tracker will last and not have to be replaced frequently. The price may vary according to your specifications; we will have the answer to all your needs with the best deals.

Types of Personal GPS Tracker:

At present day, there are many Personal GPS Trackers, that’s why we’re going to show you some of our services in any of our Spy Shops for your choice in Aladdin city.

Voice Activated GPS

There are voice-activated GPS Tracker that check people so they can be monitored from home. The voice system will alert parents first. If they can not be contacted, an automatic alert will be sent to the authorities. This is especially useful if medical assistance is needed.

Personal GPS Bracelets

With this Personal GPS Tracker technology, it helps you know where you are at all times through an application known as personal monitoring.

Personal monitoring basically refers to using technology to increase safety in children, relatives, friends, employees; for anyone. This process works by the GPS bracelets that monitor people that are wearing, they receive satellite signals. Through these satellite provided signals and features by the GPS bracelet, parents or family members can quickly locate where the person is in every moment throughout the day anywhere in Brickell Avenue.

Features of Personal GPS Bracelets

What is even more impressive is that these GPS bracelets come with a panic button that instantly sends an alert if your loved one is lost or is in an emergency situation.

Additionally the characteristics that are in this Personal GPS bracelets include:

• Virtual settings to limit alerts.
Panic Button.
• Phone Contacts.
• Option speakerphone.
• Security Lock.
• Location in real-time and historical data.

The great advantage of these GPS bracelets is that it can not only help a family member who wants to safeguard the security of their children, but also for children with special needs because they tend to run or lost and also to locate those adults who suffer illness as Alzheimer. With the virtual configuration to limit alerts family members you can basically set the limits wherever the person or the child is.

This option may be confined to the house, the neighborhood, and town or wherever you want around the city. If the person carrying the GPS bracelet crosses this limit, an alert is transmitted to the phone number of your relatives. An email notification can be even scheduled. If you still have doubts about the benefit of this Personal GPS tracker, you can go safely in Spy World Miami or any of our Spy Stores in Miami Beach.

Personal GPS Jackets for Children

This clothing piece is designed to cover in detail the Personal GPS tracker, which provides the ideal clothing to keep them safe wherever they decide to go. It has an electronic digital GPS tracker with a 15 hours battery, also incorporates. The system is simple, do not need a software, just create a user in our Spy World Miami web address, once you leave home it connected, can track a person anywhere you find in the city within four blocks around Bayshore city.

Personal GPS Chips Sneaky

If you want to be discreet on tracking your loved one, a hidden Personal GPS tracker can be placed in people's belongings in a bag, maybe your shoe or other article of common use. This tracker sends transmissions to cell phone or email account, you will choose in the settings.

You can also choose the frequency and parameters for updates. For example, if one of your families leaves the house in the middle of the night, you can have an update instant message and so your Personal GPS tracker will not fail to keep up to date in any time.

Personal GPS Wristwatch

A Personal GPS wrist watch incorporates GPS Tracker function, so it can determine the position with few distance precision, and keep track of the itinerary. GPS wrist watches are very useful for all those active in nature, either for fun or for professional reasons, and are widely used in cycling, mountaineering, open water swimming, running and others.

Features Personal GPS Wristwatches

Among many functions that can include today wristwatches is the GPS, a satellite tracker.

GPS wrist watches can determine the user's position anywhere in the city with an accuracy of a few distances. To do this, the receiver needs to get signals from at least three satellites network of 24 satellites orbiting the Earth, determining the position by triangulation.

• The Personal GPS system also provides a time signal from an extreme accuracy, as atomic clocks are the basis of the time, the master clock used in the GPS navigation system.

GPS watches, as they are usually designed for people doing outdoor activities, usually are water resistant and shock, and often incorporate other useful features outdoor, as an altimeter, barometer, electronic compass or thermometer. These additional features are not necessarily included in all models Clock GPS bracelet, so it is highly recommended, don’t forget informed of all the details and we are here to help you make the best decision, you can find us at any of our Spy Stores in the city or you can go on Spy World Miami, we are here for you.

Here are some features that can incorporate wristwatches with Personal GPS:

• Measuring distance and speed.
• Connection steps sensor subject to the shoes, which is useful in practice indoors.
• In some cases it is possible to engage the bands for heart rate monitoring.
• Special models for triathlon, including racing mode, cycling and swimming.
• Connection with computer allows you to dump the stored information to keep records and statistics and performance trajectories of each workout. For this you need specific software for processing information obtained, you can find on our Spy World Miami website.
• Calories burned.
• Screen that can be read easily even in bright sunlight.
• Some models are highly resistant to water, so it can be used even for diving, but should come the specification for each watch.
• Barometric altimeter: show the altitude and atmospheric pressure.
• Electronic compass.
• Thermometer.

Since include GPS in watches that generally are water resistant and can be very accurate in their measurements, they can replace pedometers or step counters and other devices during training, either running or long walks. They are also very efficient for cycling and swimming in open water.

Regarding autonomy, it should be noted that generally the GPS mode consumes a lot of battery. Some of these watch have Rechargeable Batteries whose make last long and in GPS mode must be checked to ensure that the clock will be appropriate for our activity.

Initially, wristwatches with GPS were too bulky and heavy, but today there are many compact models, which look like any conventional style clock.

Today you can have a variety of models of wristwatches with GPS, among them we can name:

Bracelets watch with Personal GPS Kids:

Express tracker for kids. It’s a GPS clock wearing by the child, and a portable receiver that the father has, to help him quickly track the child.

Locate unlimited distance, anywhere, quickly and effectively. With this tracker, you'll find your son before any kind of dangerous situation.

It is very easy to use, simply press the "search or locate" button on the portable receiver and you will see on the screen the exact position of the child wearing the GPS watch.

Advantages of Personal GPS Clock Kids

• Wear attractive design for most children.
• Waterproof and shock.
• Safety locks so that in case of a any child reaction, it can not be removed, also can’t remove by any other children.
• Alert button that if pressed for 5 seconds, sends an alarm to a portable receiver.

Portable receiver

• System location in open field (or sites where no maps available), which will indicate with an arrow to where it needs to move quickly to find the child.
• System location group. Locate several watches at the same time with a single portable receiver.
• System location nearby, which shows your position and the child about you.

Other features

• Express positioning system: Locate in 10 seconds to find quickly, before something happens.
• Two clock models: One with the preferred color for girls and another with the boys favorite.
• User-friendly interface: facilitates quick location in moments of nervousness.
• 4 positioning systems: You can reach you even if you are inside a building. If the clock fails to be covered by GPS satellites, it automatically switches to another positioning system to maintain tracking.
• Wide battery: It allows you to locate even if they spend many hours since he disappeared. Battery long 3.5 days.

Personal GPS Tracker - GSM portable for seniors:

Designed for people with ambulation or caused by diseases such as Alzheimer disorientation. Operation is simple, you must configure the device, and by a SMS you send it to indicate the exact position of the user.

A Sim card of any mobile phone company is introduced in the device, which is free. When the pager is configured with phone numbers of relatives, at any time you can ask the location and the device will respond in a position to SMS or URL to Google Maps and also coordinates.

In addition, this tracker to Alzheimer features SOS button that alerts the location of all pre-configured phones and spy feature that allows hear what is happening around the GPS Tracker if necessary.

Personal GPS Anti-Kidnapping Chip

With a size about twice the length of a grain of rice, the device is typically implanted above the triceps area of a person. Chip Anti-Kidnapping is an electronic device that can transmit signals to a network of global positioning satellite (GPS) that helps people find kidnapped, lost or missing.

How use the Personal GPS Anti-Kidnapping Chip

• This microchip is implanted in the human body and is protected by a silicone shell. It serves to track the exact location of the person.

• It works like a cell phone, transmits an identification code is a unique code that goes directly into the air, which is detected by a satellite and GPS called that places the person anywhere in the world.

• Currently with this technology, which is implanted in the human body without any risk or contraindication, it is possible that in an emergency situation like kidnapping, provide identification and satellite tracking of a person 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by one of the most advanced monitors worldwide and can locate a person in a hostage situation or emergency, in just 3 seconds, with a margin of error approximately 8 meters.

Feature Personal GPS Anti-kidnapping Chip.

• It is able to send radio signals to a GPS tracker and which in turn sends a signal to the satellite geolocation.
• The device is inserted into a crystalline capsule the size of a grain of rice, which is inserted under the skin painlessly.
• A device that is aimed at locating via satellite to provide individual protection against kidnapping.

Using Personal GPS to locate a cell phone someone

GPS unit is included in modern cell phones to use satellites geosynchronous orbit to provide exact location. Ordinarily, people use this to get step by step directions to a place or know where directions. Cell phones with GPS can also be used to locate someone if you have the correct information. You can go to Spy World Miami to see how to locate someone using GPS cell phone.


• Make sure the person has a cell phone with GPS enabled. Older phones can be tracked by other methods, but it is more difficult and less reliable than GPS-based methods. Some cell phone companies are providing access to this service and may offer it the next time you buy a cell phone. But we already have for you anywhere in the city.

• Register your phone at our Spy World Miami site. This site allows you to locate the phone of a teenager and even monitor how fast they are driving. You'll have to install the software that offer on your phone before the site can give you this information. From the phone you want to keep, download software in Spy World Miami website. From there, you can enter the system and view the personal information of the location of the phone until more than 190 miles away.

• Contact the authorities. In case of emergency, police and other agencies can triangulate the position of where to locate based on your phone person. The phones are kept in constant contact with phone towers and records of this are preserved. Official agencies can help overcome the necessary constraints.

• Use our site Spy World Miami to find your friends. Java application helps you keep in touch by posting your location in real time so that you know the exact place. Just enter and see who is online and where you are currently. The map you see after entering allow you to easily get directions to find the person you are looking for.

• Employ our services. For a small amount each month, you can use your cell phone to look people directly. Imagine, you walk down the street and you wonder where Bob. After starting the application, you will be able to see a point representing Bob and making sure you get there.

In our GPS tracker for people, Miami sections have some of the places where these can be found or maybe you want to call us, you can dial at 305.542.4600
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